"It’s always been my dream to be in the best club in the world."
Tw Carles Puyol: I have no doubt that the number 5 is in the best hands (Sergio Busquets). I’m sure you’ll take care of it. Good luck, friend.

"I’m proud that I will be able to wear the number ‘5’. It’s an honour that Puyol thought about me to succeed him."

-Sergio Busquets-
Official: Busquets will wear shirt number 5 this season, at the explicit request of Puyol, who wore it in the past seasons.

❝ Signing for barça was the best decision of my life.❞      Javier Mascherano

"We all know that Barca players are some cracks, but when you’re with them… It is just surprising how good they are, my teammates."

-Gerard Deulofeu-
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